THCscan Next Generation

THCscan Next Generation (NG), written by the folks at The Hacker's Choice and van Hauser ([email protected]), is a total evolution from the world-famous, evergreen THC Scan written by van Hauser years ago.

At the time of writing this chapter, THCscan NG is still mostly a "beta release," and little information is available. Nevertheless, its most amazing feature is that it can perform parallel scans with a client-server architecture (master/zombie), resulting in distributed mass-wardialings. In fact, as the authors state in the readme file, all current open-source wardialers are used to dial one modem, where, most effectively, a human being listens to the sounds that come out of the modem speaker and operates the wardialer interface. A very few open-source wardialers—and all commercial wardialers—are also able to operate more than one modem, usually 4 to 16 modems, which are all connected to the scanning PC.

In this era of the Internet and networks, THCscan NG is trying to make this unnecessary. Although THCscan NG is a plain-text-mode wardialer without a GUI, it has the ability to scan as many modems as you want. The only limits are determined by your bandwidth, RAM, and CPU power (and maximum open file descriptors).

So in theory, up to 65,000 modems can be used in parallel to scan a huge range of numbers. The modems can be located all over the world, as long as you have network connectivity to the systems the modems are connected to.

THCscan NG consists of three parts:

• The ZOMBIE This piece of software operates one modem. It receives a controlling connection from a master that then remotely commands the ZOMBIE to dial numbers.

• The MASTER This is the core of THCscan NG. It controls all modems (in THCscan NG speak, all ZOMBIES) and distributes the work among them. It also keeps the logs and records the scans. Control is via TCP connections.

• The CLIENT This is the interactive user, who connects to the MASTER server, tells the server which number ranges to scan, logs off, reconnects later, and downloads the results.

Since THCscan NG allows a huge set of parameters and configurations refer to the official README file.

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