The Basic Building Blocks Attacks And Countermeasures

Like the previous editions, this edition incorporates the familiar usability of icons, formatting, and the Risk Ratings. For those who do not like the Risk Rating or feel it is too general or biased, keep in mind that risk itself is biased and uses numbers to support a feeling rather than to confirm an hypothesis. And although there are better ways to validate the threats and vulnerabilities used to calculate risk, there is no better way to reduce it for presentation than with the Risk Rating table. Therefore, accept the Risk Ratings with some margin of error as they are more representative than deterministic, much like a representative in a republic is not an absolute mirror of all the people being represented.

As with the entire Hacking Exposed series, the basic building blocks of this book are the attacks and countermeasures discussed in each chapter.

The attacks are highlighted here as they are throughout the Hacking Exposed series.

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