TrustedGRUB tGrub

TrustedGRUB (tGrub) is a trusted version of the GNU GRUB boot loader. The extension includes the modifications made in order to detect and support the actual Trusted Computing capabilities provided by a TPM, conforming to the PC-specific specifications made by TCG. The main functionality provided by the tGRUB is the ability to measure files during the boot process and extend the results of the integrity tests in the Platform Configuration Registers (PCRs) of the TPM. Contrary to Enforcer, which uses Lilo, tGrub supports multiboot. tGrub can be downloaded from concluded-projects/trustedgrub/.

A trusted boot loader with a similar name (Trusted Grub) was implemented as part of TrouSerS' set of applications. It only supports TPM version 1.1 and is no longer in development. See for more details.

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