TScan is an X.25 scanner, specifically intended for scanning SprintNet (formerly, GTE TeleNet) X.25 networks via an X.28 dialup. You can easily adapt it for your favorite X.25 network, even if, due to SprintNet's peculiarities, it relies on allowing you to launch reverse-charge scans. Not many other networks allow this facility, consequently you should test TScan's portability on other X.25 networks carefully.

In order to use TScan, find a local dialup to a PAD. When you dial in, you will also need to set your favorite terminal software (minicom, seyon, telix, etc.) settings to 7 data bits, 1 stop bit, and even parity (the scanner defaults to this setting).

When connecting to your local dialup/PAD at rates less then 1200 baud, you'll need to send several "returns." When connecting at high rates (9600+), send an @ followed by a return.

TScan has been tested on FreeBSD and OpenBSD on Intel platforms. It also seems to compile fine (and probably work) on the Sun Sparc OpenBSD installation.

TScan was written by [email protected]. You can download it from http://www. vistech.net/users/beave/tscan-0.2.tar.gz or ftp://ftp.vistech.net/pub/tscan (which is down from time to time).

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