Web 20 Attacks

One of the hardest things about Web 2.0 is trying to get a straight answer as to what it actually means. At a high level, Web 2.0 is basically the concept of where the Internet is headed and has reached, in terms of increased complexity and functionality—which all security people know, generally increases the likelihood of poorly designed architectures and applications. Web 2.0 introduces Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that utilize technologies such as Flash and AJAX that allow the applications to interact more with endusers, providing them with the ability to participate with, and possibly even generate the content of, the actual web application. Some examples of these are Google Maps, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, and Wikipedia. Web 2.0 also often takes advantage of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which allows existing software services, such as web feeds (RSS and Atom) and web services (XML, SOAP, SAML, and WSS), to be combined to form ad hoc applications.

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