Wireless Client Auditing

As far as wireless auditing is concerned, no organization today can claim that it does not have wireless capability deployed within its physical premises before performing any form of wireless client auditing. Even if the organization has a no-wireless policy, almost all new portable computing devices purchased off-the-shelf today come with some kind of wireless capabilities that can be exploited by attackers using tools described in this chapter.

Wireless chipsets, which are built in to these portable devices, are frequently left in the unsecured and "switched-on" condition even when not in use. Tools like Probemapper, Karma, and Hotspotter can be used to "trick" these wireless clients into connecting to them when the clients are left on. While these clients are connected to the wired networks of various organizations, the wireless conduits being created by attackers can be used to totally compromise the wireless client's connected internal network by using them as a bridge to those wired networks.

Newer developments in the areas of attacking wireless clients include exploiting these wireless devices' flawed device drivers so as to allow attackers to execute malicious code on these wireless clients as long as the targeted devices are turned on. Although tools have not, at the time of writing, been publicly released, it is likely to be only a short time until someone develops and releases a tool in the public domain that exploits this vulnerability. In fact, the WEP client communications dumbdown vulnerability, which we will cover in a bit more detail near the end of this chapter, can also be used by anyone with a master-mode-capable WNIC to initiate an unsecured connection to a Windows-based wireless client with a WEP-encrypted profile by exploiting an association procedural handling flaw in the Windows Centrino drivers. Also, wireless fuzzers, which are instrumental in discovering these device driver flaws, have already been released.

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