Wireless MITM

Due to the presence of an air gap between the wireless client and the AP, man-in-the-middle (MlTM)-type attacks are prevalent and easily accomplished.

In this type of attack, tools are often built to automate most parts of the MITM setup process. These tools typically set up the wireless card to operate in master mode (covered previously in "Hacking Setup: Linux-Native Chipsets and Drivers"), which causes the WNIC to become an AP and thus respond to the wireless client's probes for networks. It then establishes a DHCP server, an HTTP server, and a DNS server so as to trick the client into thinking they are connected through a legitimate AP to a network service.

In some instances, the tool will set itself up to pass all client traffic onward to the actual wireless network by having a secondary connection to that network and thus enabling the attacker to capture every single wireless frame from the targeted client (because the attacker acts as the AP itself, he or she will not miss any frames as all client frames will be sent). A good example of a wireless MITM tool is Airsnarf (use in conjunction with a deauthentication/disassociation tool for maximum effect).

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