Titan64 Creator Workstations

High Performance Computing

The Titan64 Creator™ is a series of highperformance workstations with advanced 8x AGP graphics capabilities integrated with the powerful AMD Opteron™ platform to provide a content creation engine for animation, 3D modeling, and CAD.

Cutting-Edge Performance: 8x AGP

graphics performance on Microsoft® and Linux® platforms running Maya®, XSI® and many other graphics intensive creation applications. Ideal for NVIDIA' QuadrO' FX 1000 by PNY1' Ultra-Cool Design: Chassis design based on cooling, functionality and ease of access without sacrificing the looks Focus On Content Creation: Our workstations and servers have created and rendered movies such as X-Men 2™, DAREDEVIL™, Scooby Doo™ The Movie and MIB II™ Proven Quality: Our proven track record for exceptional quality has enabled our clients to deploy mission-critical systems world-wide

* We offer the best price performance in the industry.

World's Densest Server Rack:

Titan64 SuperBlade™ 130 SERVER BLADES - 260 AMD Opteron™ and AMD Athlon™ MP Processors in One Rack!

As clusters become the standard in supercomputing solutions, more servers are required to number crunch larger and larger datasets. Titan64 SuperBlades™ solve key problems in the growth of these clusters in the following fashion:

Increased density: 128 server nodes-plus 2 management nodes per rack Easy to maintain: Servers are hot-swappable and easy to remove

Easy to manage: System administrator can remotely manage multiple racks simultaneously Integrate with existing datacenters: Customer specified power connectors, front-to-back cooling Flexible design: Option to reduce density of blades and increase 19" rack space

Improve reliability: Large clusters exhibit problems not found in those that are small Titan64 SuperBlades™ solution:

• Reduce fan count, use large fans (no small fans or blowers),

• Eliminate most cables, and provide a select indicator for blades to be serviced,

• LinuxBIOS enabled!

Titan64 SuperBlades™ more cost-effective than 1U servers

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