A complete and detailed Redbook about a topic such as this would not have been possible without the support of the IBM Worldwide Linux team, the IBM Linux Technology Center, and the IBM Systems and Technology Group. The primary sponsors supporting development of this book include:

Terese Johnson, Susanne Libischer, Mark Brown, Susan Greenlee, Connie Blauwkamp, and John Milford

Additional content for this book was provided by Alan Robertson, an IBM employee and a lead developer in the High Availability Linux project.

The Redbook team would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution of draft review feedback in support of this project:

Roland Caris, Shane Kilmon, Cliff Laking, Michael MacIsaac, Stephen Wehr, Elton Rajaniemi, and Jeroen van Hoof

The team would also like to acknowledge the support efforts of Greg Geiselhart and Stephen Hochstetler from IBM ITSO, Lucy Ringland from Red Hat Inc., Steve Hansen from Novell Inc., and our editor for this book, Elizabeth Barnes, from our ITSO Authoring Services team.

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