Making a filesystem

When you have created a partition, you still need to create the filesystem of your choice on it (typically EXT2, EXT3, or ReiserFS). While YaST and parted include the ability to create a filesystem on the new partition, fdisk simply makes the partition. Do not confuse the fact that fdisk sets the partition identity hex code with actually creating the filesystem on the partition. To do that you will need to do one of the following (here we assume that you have just created the partition /dev/hdc3 and you now want to create a filesystem on it):

Note that you must be root to create a filesystem.

These commands use the mkfs command to make a filesystem of type (-t) ext2, reiserfs, or ext3, respectively, on the hard disk partition /dev/hdc3 (the third partition on the first disk on the second IDE controller).

Again, note that these are seriously destructive commands: Be absolutely sure you know which partition you are dealing with before you issue an mkfs command.

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