Installation of Apache Packages

The following are recommendations for installing Apache software packages:

■ Basic installation. For a basic installation, select the Apache package apache2.

■ Multiprocessing. For multiprocessing, you can install one of the MPM (multiprocessing module) packages, such as apache2-prefork or apache2-worker.

When choosing an MPM, remember that the thread-based worker MPM cannot be used with mod_php4, as some of the libraries of mod_php4 are not yet thread-safe.

For newer versions of php (such as php5) are compatible with the thread-based worker MPM.

■ Documentation. It is recommended that you install the extensive documentation provided in apache2-doc. An alias is available for the documentation, enabling you to access it with http://localhost/manual following the installation.

■ Development and compilation.To develop modules for Apache or compile third-party modules, install apache2-devel and the needed development tools. These include the apxs tools, which are described in Section 22.6.5 of the SLES 9 Installation and Administration manual.

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