Adaptec aha154x configuration

The aha1542 series cards have an i82077 floppy controller on board, whereas the aha1540 series cards do not. These are busmastering cards and have parameters to set the "fairness" that is used to share the bus with other devices. The boot arg looks like the following:


Valid iobase values are usually one of 0x130, 0x134, 0x230, 0x234, 0x330, or 0x334. Clone cards may permit other values.

The buson and busoff values refer to the number of microseconds that the card dominates the ISA bus. The defaults are 11us on and 4us off so that other cards (such as an ISA LANCE Ethernet card) have a chance to get access to the ISA bus.

The dmaspeed value refers to the rate (in MB/s) at which the DMA (Direct Memory Access) transfers proceed. The default is 5MB/s. Newer revision cards allow you to select this value as part of the soft-configuration; older cards use jumpers. You can use values up to 10MB/s, assuming that your motherboard is capable of handling it. Experiment with caution if using values over 5MB/s.

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