Automatic mailing and saving new news

tin allows new/unread news articles to be mailed (-M option)/saved (-S option) in batch mode for later reading—useful when going on holiday and you don't want to return and find that expire has removed a whole load of unread articles. It's best to run from crontab every day while away, after which you will be mailed a report of which articles were mailed/saved from which newsgroups and the total number of articles mailed/saved. Articles are saved in a private news structure under your <savedir> directory (default is $HOME/News).

Be careful of using this option if you read a lot of groups because you could overflow your filesystem. If you only want to save a few groups, it would be best to back up your full $HOME/. news rc and create a new one that only contains the newsgroups you want to mail/save. Saved news can be read later by tin -R.

tin -M iain -c -f newsrc.mail Mail any unread articles in newsgroups specified in file newsrc.mail tin -S -c -f Save any unread articles in newsgroups specified in file tin -R Read any articles saved by tin -S

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