Unlike other NFS server implementations, this nfsd allows you to export both a directory and a subdirectory thereof to the same host, for instance /usr and /usr/X11R6. In this case, the mount options of the most specific entry apply. For instance, when a user on the client host accesses a file in /usr/X11R6, the mount options given in the /usr/X11R6 entry apply. This is also true when the latter is a wildcard or netgroup entry.


/etc/exports /etc/passwd diagnostics

Configuration file for nfsd(8) The password file

An error parsing the file is reported using syslogd(8) as level NOTICE from a DAEMON whenever nfsd(8) or mountd(8) is started. Any unknown host is reported at that time, but often not all hosts are not yet known to named (8) at boot time, so as hosts are found, they are reported with the same syslogd(8) parameters.

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