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SANDER VAN VUGT performed his first Linux installation in 1992. Since then, he has been an enthusiastic Linux user, working with it on a professional basis since 1995. Sander is an independent trainer and consultant living in the Netherlands. He has worked professionally everywhere from Singapore to San Francisco (and is willing to cover the rest of the planet as well). Sander is a Novell-certified trainer for the SUSE Linux Advanced Technical Trainer program and is authorized to teach most other Novell technical courses as well. In addition to being a trainer, he is an author, having written more than 30 books and hundreds of technical articles. Sander is also working as a volunteer for the LPI organization, contributing topics for the LPIC-3 certification. Most important of all, Sander is the father of Alex and Franck and the loving husband of Florence. You can reach Sander via his website at http://www.sandervanvugt.com or via e-mail at [email protected].

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