Browsing Available Services

When working with SLP, the only thing that really matters is that the services on your network can use it to get access to the SLP-offered services they require. For this purpose, some services have an option that allows them to connect to a service that is registered with an SLP service. An example of this is the installation program on any version of SUSE Linux 10 that allows you to use SLP to connect to an installation server. Apart from these options, as an administrator, you may want to browse for services from time to time. The most flexible tool to do this is the command-line tool slptool, which you have already encountered to register services with SLP.

To use slptool to browse for SLP services, follow these steps:

1. On the command line, enter slptool findsrvtypes. This command in return gives a list of registered services that it could find on the network. This list could look like the following:

laksmi:/ # slptool findsrvtypes service:ssh service:fish service:daytime:telnet

2. From the list of services that is offered, select a service you want to see more details about, and query that service using slptool findsrvs followed by the name of the service you want to use. For example, use slptool findsrvs service:ssh to get more information about the SSH service. This command returns a list of all the servers where the SSH service was registered. For example, a line like service:ssh://,65535 indicating where the service can be reached could be returned.

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