Configuring etcimapdconf

The main configuration file for the Cyrus server is in /etc/imapd.conf. This file contains several settings that define how the server is to be used. Some of the most important settings are as follows:

configdirectory: This specifies the directory containing the working environment and important configuration files for your server. By default it is set to /var/lib/imap.

partition-default: This specifies the location where the mailboxes are stored. Set by default to /var/spool/imap.

admins: This specifies the list of users with administrative permissions for the Cyrus IMAPd server. By default, only the user cyrus has administrative permissions.

allowanonymouslogin: This specifies whether a user is allowed to log in without a username and password. Always make sure this is set to no.

autocreatequota: This specifies the maximum amount of e-mail data that can be stored in a user's mailbox. By default it is set to 10,000, which equals 10MB; you probably want to increase that. If set to 0, the user is not allowed to create new mail folders, and if set to -1, no quota is applied.

quotawarn: This specifies when the user should get a warning that he is running out of available disk space. By default, this parameter is set to 90 percent.

timeout: This specifies the amount of minutes when an inactive client is disconnected automatically.

sasl_pwcheck_method: This specifies the authentication method that should be used. By default, saslauthd is used for this purpose. This makes sure that passwords are transmitted over the network with some basic encryption applied to them.

After modifying the imapd.conf file, you should restart the IMAPd server. If saslauthd is used for the secure transmission of authentication data over the network, two processes are needed for that: first start saslauthd using rcsaslauthd start, and then use rccyrus start to start the Cyrus mail server.

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