Creating Workstation Accounts

Now that you have your domain environment, you should add workstations to it. For every workstation that is going to be a member of a domain, you need a workstation account on the Samba server. Setting up a workstation account works like setting up a user account. First you need to add the workstation as a local account on your server, and next you have to add the workstation account as a workstation to the Samba user database. Notice that the name of the workstation should end with a $ sign to indicate it is a workstation. To create a workstation with the name ws10, first use useradd ws10$ to create it in /etc/passwd. Next, add the workstation to the smbpasswd file by using the smbpasswd -a -m ws10 command. Notice thatin the smbpasswd command, you do not need to use $ to specify that it is a workstation; the -m option handles this. The command will add the $ to the name of the workstation automatically.

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