Cutting Copying and Pasting

If you think you need a graphical interface to use cut, copy, and paste features, you're wrong. vi could already do that back in the 1970s. You have two ways of executing the cut, copy, and paste commands: the easy way and the hard way. If you want to do it the easy way, you can use the v command, which enters visual mode. In visual mode, you can select a block of text by using the arrow keys. After selecting the block, you can cut, copy, and paste it:

• Use d to cut the selection. This will remove the selection and place it in a buffer in memory.

• Use y to copy the selection to the designated area reserved for that purpose in your server's memory.

• Use p to paste the selection. This will copy the selection you have just placed in the reserved area of your server's memory back into your document. For this purpose, it will always use the current position of your cursor at that particular moment.

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