Deleting Rules

Sometimes it is necessary to delete rules from the firewall. You can do this in several ways. First, you can use the iptables -F command. With this command, you remove all the rules from a chain. You can use this command with the name of the chain you want to remove rules from as its argument or just as iptables -F. In the latter case, you remove all the rules from the chain. Be aware that in that case just the policy remains, and you may have a system that disallows connections to anything. So, don't forget to reset the policy by using the -P option, as discussed earlier in this chapter. It is also possible to delete individual rules from a chain by using the -D option. If you want to work with this option, however, you must refer to the rules by their rule number; this may be problematic if you have chains that contain a lot of rules. Of course, you can also disable the complete firewall. In that case, use the rcSuSEfirewall stop command.

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