The last configuration file that is used by your DNS server is the sysconfig file that determines how the server should boot. Two important parameters are defined here. First, the parameter NAMED_RUN_CHROOTED indicates whether the DNS name server should run in a chroot jail. By default, it is configured to do that. This means it will run in the directory/var/lib/named and will not see anything outside that directory. Therefore, you should make sure all the configuration files are available from there. When you configure your server with YaST, YaST will take care of that automatically. If, however, you choose to configure your server by hand, make sure the configuration files are all in the chrooted environment. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to always leave the NAMED_RUN_CHROOTED enabled.

Second, the next important parameter you'll find in the /etc/sysconfig/named file is NAMED_ARGS. If you need to start your DNS server with any specific arguments, specify them here.

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