Initializing the Quota

Now that you have taken all the preliminary measures, you need to initialize the quota system. The purpose of this procedure is that all file systems have to be searched on files that are already created. The reason why this has to be done may be obvious: existing files count for the quota of users as well. The report that is generated by this quota initializing is saved in two files. The file aquota.user is created to register user quota, and is created for group quota.

To initialize a file system for the use of quota, you need to use the quotacheck command. You can use this command with some options; the most important options are as follows:

-a: This option makes sure all file systems are searched when initializing the quota system.

-u: This option makes sure user information is searched for. This information will be written to the file aquota.user.

-g: This option ensures that group information is searched for as well. This information is written to the file

-m: Use this option to make sure no problems will occur on file systems that are currently mounted.

-v: This option ensures the command will work in verbose mode, and it will show what it is doing.

So, the best way to initialize the quota system is by using the quotacheck -augmv command. As the result of this command, after some time the files aquota.user and are created to list all quota information for current users.

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