Installing Nondefault Software with YaST

With YaST, it is possible to install nondefault software packages as well as packages that are on the installation CDs by default. You have two methods to install these other packages. The easy method consists of executing YaST from the command line with the option -i to install the software package. For example, yast2 -i tool.i386.rpm would install the package tool using the YaST2 graphical interface. The advantage of using this method over invoking the rpm command from the command line is that the administrator can choose to check and resolve dependencies automatically.

An alternative for installing nondefault software packages consists of copying the packages to a given directory first and to specify this directory as an installation source next. If you are installing packages from the same directory often, this might be a useful way of working. However, if you want to install one single package occasionally, you will do so much faster using the command yast2 -i.

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