Installing the First Virtual Machine

Now that the domain-0 is up and running, it's time to start installing the first virtual machine. You have two ways to do that: you can actually run the installation program, and alternatively, you can use a disk image or a physical disk that contains the operating system files.

Note At the time this was written, Xen was still a leading-edge technology. Some operating systems can have a problem when you try installing them in a Xen environment. For up-to-date status information about how to run your favorite operating system in Xen, consult index.html. The section "Working with Specific Operating Systems" contains valuable information.

In the following steps, you'll learn how to install another instance of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:

1. From YaST, select System >Virtual Machine Management (Xen). This opens the Manage Virtual Machines screen shown in Figure 31-2.

2. Make sure that the SUSE Linux installation media is present in an installation source that is registered on your domain-0 machine. Basically, if you installed from a DVD, make sure the DVD is inserted in your optical drive, and if you installed from a network server, make sure you can reach it.

Manage Virtual Machines

Manage Virtual Machines

A virtual machine ;VM) is a

hardware, such asCPU.

Name | Virtualization Mode | Status | Memory (MB) Console

blockdevices, and 1he operating system 1hat runs on

The number of VMs you can requirements for each VM

For the most current information on Novell VM server technology, see

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Figure 31-2. Use this screen to install and manage virtual machines.

3. Click Add. This opens the screen shown in Figure 31-3. On this screen, you need to specify how you want to install. Select Run an OS Installation Program to run the installer for your operating system, and select Use a Disk Image or a Physical Disk That Contains OS Boot Files if you have an image file that is prepared to run in your Xen environment.

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