Learning More About Installed Packages

Another often neglected help option is the documentation that is installed for most software packages in the directory /usr/share/doc/packages. In this directory, you will find a long list of subdirectories that all contain some level of usage information. In some cases, the information is really short; in other cases, extensive information is available. Often this information is available in ASCII

text format and can be viewed with less or any other utility that is capable of handling clear text. In other situations, the information is in HTML format and can be displayed properly only with a browser. If this is the case, it is good to know that you don't necessarily need to start a graphical environment to see the contents of the HTML file; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with the w3m browser, which is a browser that is developed especially to run from a nongraphical environment (see Figure 4-5 for a snapshot on that). In w3m you can use the arrow keys to browse between hyperlinks. To quit the w3m utility, use the q command.

Figure 4-5. You can use the w3m browser from a text-based environment to show the contents of HTML help files from a nongraphical environment.

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