Managing Virtual Machines from YaST

Currently, YaST offers limited functionality for virtual machine management. On the Manage Virtual Machines screen shown in Figure 31-8, seven different options are available:

Add: Use this option to define a new virtual machine.

Refresh: With this option you can refresh the status of a virtual machine.

Delete: If the selected machine currently is not active, use this option to delete it.

Start: If the selected virtual machine currently is not active, use this option to start it.

View: If the machine is not currently visible in a console, use this option to connect it to a console so that you can work in it.

Shutdown: Use this option to shut down the virtual machine.

Terminate: Use this option to terminate a virtual machine if it is no longer replying.

As you can see, the current YaST management options are rather limited. For more flexibility, use the xm command instead.

Figure 31-8. From YaST, some limited management options are available.

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