Migrating Resources

Now that you've created your cluster resources, they will be highly available in your network. This means the resource will fail over automatically to a node that is still working if the node that is currently hosting the resource fails. If there is planned maintenance to do for the node in question, you can also migrate it manually. To do this, use the crm_resource command. (At the time this was written, it wasn't possible to migrate a resource from the graphical management program, but by the time you read this, it probably will be possible.) This command has some useful options that allow you to manage the resource. For example, to migrate the resource ftpserver over to node BOS, you can use the command cmr_resource -M -r ftpserver -H BOS -f. Table 29-1 lists the options used in this example as well as some other useful options this command offers.

Table 29-1. Most Useful Options for cmr_resource Option Meaning

-M Use this option to migrate a resource.

-U Use this option to unmigrate a resource. This brings the resource back to its original location.

-D Use this option to remote the resource from the CIB.

-r Use this option to specify what resource you want to manage.

-H Use this option to indicate on what host name you want the resource to run.

-f Use this option to force the action you are planning to do.

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