Miscellaneous Options

Everything that doesn't really belong to one of the other menu items in YaST appears under the Miscellaneous options. These are the Miscellaneous options:

Autoinstallation. Use this option to create an AutoYaST installation file. This file contains all the settings you want to be configured automatically on servers you are installing in your network. You can find more details in Chapter 35.

CD Creator. When working with AutoYaST to install other servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 in your network, you have the option to burn all the settings to an installation CD. If you want to do that, use the CD Creator utility to make CDs that you can use start the customized installation.

Installation Server. When installing a new server (or workstations) in your network, you can use the installation CDs or DVDs and install all servers manually. When installing a lot of machines, this is not a great option. Therefore, YaST provides the installation server, which will help you copy all the installation files to your server so that workstations or servers can be installed automatically. You can find more about this in Chapter 35.

Post a Support Query. This utility gives you access to the online support options of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Release Notes: Read the information in the release notes for last-minute information about the software running on your server. Typically, here you will find a list of known issues.

Vendor Driver CD: Use this option to install drivers for hardware devices that are on a CD provided by your hardware vendor.

View Start-up Log. Use this option to get access to the log file where startup messages are logged.

View System Log. Use this option to get access to /var/log/messages, the generic system log file.

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