Mounting an NFS Share Automatically from fstab

Mounting an NFS share with the mount command will do fine for a mount you need only occasionally. If you need the mount more than once, it is better to automate it using /etc/fstab. If you know how to add entries to /etc/fstab, it isn't difficult to add an entry that mounts an NFS share as well. The only differences with normal mounts are that you have to specify the complete name of the NFS share instead of a device and that you must specify some NFS options. The following example code line shows what a mount line for an NFS file system in /etc/fstab would look like:

mysrv:/someshare /media/mysrv/someshare nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,soft 0 0

When mounting from fstab, you should always include the options rsize, wsize, and soft for optimal performance. To refer to the server, you can use its name as well as its IP address.

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