Note You could use a plaintext console as well to run genprof but for multitasking reasons it is much more convenient to run it from a terminal window in a graphical session

2. Now leave the genprof command running in a console, and start the program for which you want to create the profile. Make sure you use all its functionality.

3. When finished using the application, in the terminal where your application is running, press s to start scanning the log file to analyze what exactly the application needs to do its work. As when using the graphical wizard, the genprof command will now ask you what to do for each event it has detected for your application. To do this, genprof will call the logprof command in the background; the latter is specially designed to analyze the AppArmor log file /var/log/audit/audit.log.

4. After you have indicated for each event what you want to do with it, from the genprof window, press the f key. This will terminate genprof activity and create the profile. Now make sure you restart your application to enable AppArmor to protect it.

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