OpenLDAP Files and Directories

Before you learn about the way the OpenLDAP server is installed, I'll summarize its most important components:

• slapd is the OpenLDAP process. It runs on every OpenLDAP server.

• If OpenLDAP is configured for replication between several servers (not covered here), slurpd is the process that handles the replication.

Note Replication is useful when several servers share the same OpenLDAP Directory. Replication ensures that modifications made to the Directory on one server are synchronized to the other server almost immediately.

• slapd.conf is the main configuration file for your OpenLDAP server. You can find it in the /etc/openldap directory.

• ldap.conf is the client configuration file for LDAP. It is needed on every workstation that needs to know how to find an LDAP server. Make sure you are using the right one, because a copy of ldap.conf is installed in /etc, and there is a copy in /etc/openldap as well.

• The directory /etc/openldap/schema contains all schema files that are installed by default. If you want to add new object classes or new attributes, you should install a schema file in this directory that defines those object classes and attributes.

• The directory /var/lib/ldap contains the OpenLDAP database.

• The file /etc/sysconfig/openldap contains start-up parameters for OpenLDAP on your server.

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