Preparing for Xen Installation

Before you start installing Xen, you should consider the machine you are going to run it on:

• Be aware that every virtual machine has real system requirements. So if you plan to run ten instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that all require a minimum of 256MB RAM, you'll need at least 2.5GB of RAM in your server.

• To make migration easier (migration is basically copying a virtual machine out of the memory of one physical system to another physical system), consider installing the instances of your operating system on a SAN. Your migrated instance of the operating system is not going to work if it can't refer to its file systems on disk.

• If you want to create an environment where several physical machines are used to install Xen virtual machines on, you should make sure that all those virtual machines are installed in the same subnet.

• For best performance, each of the software instances that you are going to run needs its own disk partition. You can create these partitions in a file, but creating them on a real disk partition works much better.

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