Receiving Email Using IMAP or POP3

Postfix is the MTA that makes sure mail is sent over the Internet. When this mail arrives, a mechanism needs to retrieve the e-mail and get it to the computer of the end user. Basically, two methods are available for this mechanism. If using IMAP, the user establishes a connection to the server and modifies mail that is on the server. This is a cool solution if the user always has a connection to the mail server. If this isn't the case, it is more useful to use POP3, which transfers all mail to the computer of the client. Be aware, however, that even if using POP3, the client has an option to keep the mail messages on the mail server.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers different solutions to receive e-mail. I'll discuss the three most important solutions in the following sections:

• Use Cyrus IMAPd if you want a complete solution that allows users to access mail by either using IMAP or using POP3.

• Use Procmail to filter incoming mail (note that this uses neither IMAP nor POP3 but is meant for filtering before the mail is stored somewhere on the server).

• Use Qpopper if you want an easy solution that offers POP3 functionality only.

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