Setting Up Anonymous FTP

If you want to set up pure-ftpd for anonymous FTP, you need an FTP user and a home directory for that user. On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, both are installed by default. The name of the user is ftp, and its home directory is /srv/ftp. The basic setup that is required to support anonymous users in the /etc/pure-ftpd.conf file is as follows:

ChrootEveryone yes

AnonymousOnly yes

AnonymousCantUpload yes

Of these three lines, the first makes sure users coming in as anonymous FTP users are limited (with the change root feature) to the anonymous user home directory only and cannot browse to other directories on your server because a new "fake" root directory is activated. You should always use this parameter; if you don't use it, FTP users can read all the files that are owned by others on your system. Next, the option AnonymousOnly yes makes sure access is allowed for anonymous users only. That means no authenticated users are allowed on the server. Last, the line AnonymousCantUpload yes makes the server a download server only. This always is a good option to use if you are setting up your server for anonymous users; otherwise, it possibly will be misused for sharing illegal content.

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