Setting Up Samba As a Domain Controller

In a Windows environment, you use a domain to manage users for a group of computers. The only way to do this in a centralized way in NT 4 is by using domains. Since Windows 2000, Active Directory has been introduced as a system that sits above that. Samba cannot be configured as an Active Directory environment yet, so the best thing you can do if you want to work with a domain-like environment is to configure Samba as an NT 4-style domain controller. The following sections give some hints on how to do that. Be aware that setting up a well-tuned scalable domain environment requires extensive knowledge of how Microsoft networks work. This goes far beyond the scope of this book; in the following sections, you'll learn just about the basic requirements needed to set up a Samba domain. Consider these sections to be an introduction to the subject matter only; for more information, consult the man pages or the documentation at

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