The Relocated Table

When a user is no longer valid on your mail system, you can choose to just let the mail message bounce. As an alternative, you can send the sender of an incoming mail a message in return that informs the user where the user can be found nowadays. To activate the relocated lookup table, make sure the following is in

relocated_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/relocated

When processing mail, the smtpd daemon checks the relocated file to see whether it has a matching line. Each line in this file contains a reference to the e-mail address of the former user in the first column. This may be the plain mail address of this user; it can, however, also be a regular expression that makes sure a series of mail addresses is matched. The second column contains an informational message. This can be just the new e-mail address, but it can also be other information about how to contact the user. Listing 16-4 shows an example of the contents of the relocated table.

Listing 16-4. Example of the Relocated Table

[email protected] [email protected] This company doesn't exist anymore

[email protected] Doesn't work here anymore

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