The Transport Table

The main purpose of the transport table is to route e-mail messages. The main purpose of the transport lookup table is to make a decision about incoming mail: is this message going to be processed by the local mail server or by another mail server? To use this table, make sure the following is in

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

The first column describes the recipient address in the message. This can be a user ([email protected]) or a domain. If a domain is used, there is a difference between somedomain and .somedomain. The former is for messages that are sent just to that domain, and the latter includes its subdomains as well. This is default behavior, however, so usually it's not necessary to include. The second column indicates how the message should be handled. This indication is in the transport:nexthop notation. For transport, you can use the values local, smtp, or uucp, specifying the method to contact the next hop. nexthop refers to the machine that should be contacted to process this message. Listing 16-5 shows an example of the transport table.

Listing 16-5. Example of the Transport Table nodomain uucp:mx10

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