Timeout Settings

A busy server can maintain only a limited maximum amount of connections. If you don't want to waste the available connections, it is useful to set some connection timeouts. Table 25-4 lists the tags that allow you to do that.

Table 25-4. Tags Related to Timeout Settings

Meaning connect_timeout request_timeout shutdown lifetime

This tag specifies the time it takes before Squid breaks the connection. By default, connect_timeout is set to 2 minutes.

This tag specifies how long Squid will wait for HTTP traffic after successfully establishing a connection. By default it is set to 5 minutes, which should be enough in most cases. If, however, your proxy server is used heavily, you should consider setting this to a lower value so you don't waste available network connections.

Use this tag to specify how long it takes before Squid reacts to a SIGTERM or SIGHUP signal to terminate a connection. By default, this tag is set to 30 seconds.

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