Tip Are you failing to see any SLP services on your network but are sure that everything is configured the way it should be It probably isnt Before doing any troubleshooting restart the SLP service using the rcslpd restart command and try again If that al

As an alternative to the command-line tool slptool, you can use the YaST SLP browser. You can start it with the yast2 slp command. After connecting to an SLP server, it provides you with an overview of all the SLP-registered services that were found on the network, as shown in Figure 33-4.

Figure 33-4. An easier way to browse for services on your network that are offered by SLP is by using the YaST2 slp tool,.

A third option to browse for SLP-registered services is to use the SLP browser that is integrated in Konqueror. Konqueror is the default browser that is used in the KDE graphical desktop environment (not installed by default on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10). In this browser's URL line, enter slp:/. This offers a list of all SLP services that were found on the network. From this list, you can browse to any of the services to get more details about that service.

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