Updating a Profile

The best method to update an existing profile is to use the YaST Update Profile Wizard. Before you can do that, though, you have to tell AppArmor that it has to be switched to learning mode. Also, after running the Update Profile Wizard, you need to tell YaST you've finished applying the updates. The following steps describe how to proceed in order to update profiles:

1. Before you start the Update Profile Wizard, issue the complain command for the application for which you want to update the profile. For example, complain firefox will activate the learning mode for Firefox.

2. Now start using the application extensively, in a way that all possible files are accessed, capabilities are used, and processes used by your application are activated.

3. Next, from YaST, run the Update Profile Wizard to start profiling the application again. This displays the same interface as the Create Profile Wizard where you have to specify the permissions you want to grant for each item.

4. When finished, use the enforce command to switch your profile from learning mode to enforce mode. For example, use enforce firefox to make sure the new profile is applied.

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