Using the Gnome Menu

On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Novell provides a completely redesigned menu that allows you to access graphical applications. Its new layout, which you can see in Figure 2-9, allows you to find the information you need as fast as possible. On top, you'll see the Show drop-down list. This list gives you access to your Favorite Applications list. Immediately after installation, these are Firefox, YaST, the GNOME terminal, and the Home Folder application. A list of all available applications appears after clicking the More Applications button; you'll learn how to install these applications in the section.

Also available from the Show drop-down list are the options Recently Used Applications and Recently Used Documents. These give you access to applications and documents that you've accessed recently from the GNOME menu.

In the upper-right part of the GNOME menu, you'll find some system items. The following items are available:

Help: This gives you access to the Help interface. Click it for help on many features.

Control Center: Use this to start the GNOME Control Center. From there, you can tune almost all the GNOME settings.

Install Software: Use this to start the interface from which you can install software. Check Chapter 9 for more details on that.

Lock Screen: Use this to lock your screen. You can unlock it by providing the password of the user who is currently logged in.

Log Out: This logs you out from the graphical interface. It will return you to the login screen from where you can log in again or shut down or restart your server.

In the lower-right part of the GNOME menu, you see a quick status overview. From this overview, you can see how you currently are connected to the network and how much disk space still is available on your hard drive. You can click both icons for more details and management options.

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