Working with More Applications

To get access to most graphical applications that are installed on your server, you can click the More Applications button in the GNOME menu. This will show a long list of graphical applications, divided into several categories (see Figure 2-10). An item that you will definitely appreciate is the Filter option in the upper-left part of the window; type the complete or partial name of the application you are looking for, and it will show up immediately (provided it is installed in the graphical menu).

Figure 2-10. The More Applications button gives you access to all the graphical applications installed on your server.

All sorts of applications appear here; some of them are used for useful things such as administering your server, and others are a bit less relevant, such as the group Audio & Video that offers, in addition to some useful utilities, a utility to manage the volume of the sound system in your server. Next, you will find a short description of the submenus of the Applications menu and their contents.

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