Working with the Bash Shell

To communicate commands to the operating system kernel, you need an interface that sits between the kernel and the user and issues these commands. This interface is known as the shell. On Linux, several shells are available, with Bash (short for the Bourne Again Shell) being the most commonplace. The reason for this is that Bash is an enhanced version of sh, a common shell that has been around since 1977. You should, however, be aware that Bash is not the only shell you can use. You can also use other shells:

tcsh: A shell with a scripting language that works like the C programming language. This is rather popular with C programmers.

zsh: A shell that is compatible with Bash but offers even more features.

sash: The stand-alone shell. This is a minimal shell that runs in almost all environments. Therefore, it is well suited for system troubleshooting.

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