Working with the GRUB Boot Menu

The result of working with GRUB is a nice boot menu that is displayed when booting your server. From this menu, you will normally have a choice between four different options. Ordinarily you will select the option SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 to boot the server. In case you want to use your server for Xen virtualization, select the XEN option from the boot menu. (This option is available only if you have installed the Xen software.) The Floppy option is rarely used to work with a GRUB boot disk, and finally, the Failsafe option is the one you need if you run into trouble.

An option of special interest is the Boot Options prompt at the bottom of the GRUB boot menu. On this prompt, you can enter any option you need in order to determine how you want to start your server. This prompt is particularly useful when troubleshooting your server. For example, if your server refuses for some reason to come up in its default runlevel 5, you can enter a 3 here to start it in the text-only runlevel 3. Or, if you have serious problems, you can enter something like init=/bin/bash to enter the most elementary troubleshooting mode. You will learn more about troubleshooting in Chapter 34.

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