Working with YaST Modules

YaST is a modular utility. You can start all the programs you access from the YaST interface from the command line as well. These programs are called the YaST modules. You can list the existing YaST modules with the yast -l or YaST -l command. You can start each of these modules as an argument to the yast command. For example, if you want to start the YaST module for user management, issue the command yast users from the command line. This will just start the required module and therefore be faster than when first starting YaST and selecting the module you want to use in the graphical interface.

Because it is possible to run YaST as a command from a console environment, some other interesting options are available as well. For example, it is possible to use YaST to install a software package that is in the RPM format by issuing the command YaST -i somepackage.rpm. Another option that is useful is the option - -log logfile. This option allows you to write to a log file what YaST is doing when you start it; this may help you when troubleshooting any apparent YaST problems.

Tip Having problems starting YaST from the menu? In that case, just open a console window, and from there, use the YaST command. The advantage is that YaST will write to the console what it is doing. If YaST cannot start properly, you will see the reason in the console window.

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