Adding Users to Cyrus

When those services are started, you need to add users to the Cyrus database to provide mail services for them. We will take the user justin (who must exist in the system) as an example. To add a user to the Cyrus system, become the cyrus user and connect to the Cyrus IMAP server with the cyradm command (Cyrus administration tool):

bible:~ # su - cyrus [email protected]:~> cyradm localhost IMAP Password: localhost>

When connected, you can use the cm (create mailbox) command to create the user justin's inbox:

localhost> cm user.justin localhost> 1m user.justin (\HasNoChildren) localhost>

Here you have told Cyrus to create the mailbox user.justin. This may seem odd, but it is a standard way to configure Cyrus for user mailboxes. Cyrus works on a hierarchical mailbox structure, not only for the users, but also for system mailboxes. These system mailboxes could be mailboxes that are shared between many users for bulletins, for example.

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