Apache Packages in SUSE

Current SUSE versions include several Apache packages. By default, if you choose to install the apache2 package, apache2-prefork and apache2-utils are installed as dependencies. Also available are apache2-worker and the various modules for serving dynamic content including: apache2-mod_fcgid, apache2-mod_mono, apache2-mod_perl, apache2-mod_php5, and apache2-mod_python. The packages apache2-prefork and apache2-worker are what are known as multi-processing modules (MPMs). These allow Apache to spawn multiple processes (and in the case of apache2-worker multiple threads). One or other of these MPMs is required. For normal usage the apache2-prefork package is recommended. The apache2-mod_fcgid allows for "Fast CGI,'' while the other modules mentioned provide the ability to embed the various scripting languages names into HTML pages (Mono, Perl, PHP, and Python). There is also the apache2-mod_tidy module that allows web pages to be fed through a program to detect and fix invalid HTML. This is useful for debugging web site content. In addition, there is a YaST module for configuring the web server (yast2-http-server) and packages including documentation (apache2-doc) and sample web pages (apache2-example-pages).

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