Configuring the Cyrus User

When Cyrus has been installed through YaST, a few administrative tasks need to take place before you can log in as a user. First, we need to talk about how Cyrus works and interacts with the system. The Cyrus IMAP process is controlled by the user cyrus. With most daemon processes, the user who owns the process is usually a placeholder to run the daemon and nothing else. In the case of Cyrus, the cyrus system user plays an important part by not only running the IMAPD process but also by being the user that IMAP administration is conducted under.

With this in mind, you need to set a password for the cyrus user. To do this, as root, run the passwd command for the cyrus user:

bible:~ # passwd cyrus Changing password for cyrus. New password: Re-enter new password: Password changed

When set, you need to start the cyrus and saslauthd services.

| r - - r The saslauthd service is the Cyrus SASL authentication daemon. SASL is a general-purpose authentication mechanism that can be used in client and server environments. Cyrus IMAP relies on the SASL library to provide authentication services.

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