Configuring Your Network Card

First, to configure your network card (not the network configuration), you use the ip link command:

bible:~ # ip link set mtu 9000 dev eth0

Here, you have told ip to edit the link (network device) and set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) to 9000 on device eth0.

| f - - r Setting an MTU to 9000 is common on gigabit Ethernet devices, and this is „■ T- - , ..-r . commonly called a jumbo frame. Because gigabit Ethernet works a lot faster, it is not efficient to send data in blocks of 1500 octets as is common with 10- or 100-megabit devices. Setting the MTU to 9000 provides a much more efficient way of transporting data very fast over gigabit Ethernet. Whether large values for the MTU will work may depend on the hardware.

To view data about your Ethernet device, you can use the show option for the link (network interface) object (see Listing 15-4).

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