Copying and Pasting

Entering copious amounts of text into a file is never a fun thing, and the copy-and-paste idea has helped to speed up repetitive text entry. In most graphical user interface (GUI) applications, a simple right-click for the text menu enables you to copy and paste text. When you are working on the command line, this is not possible, and you have to do it a little bit differently.

In vim, you call a copy a yank (as in, you are yanking the text). With this in mind, you may be able to guess what you use to yank the text, a y+y combination. To copy a line of text, place your cursor on the line you want to copy and press y+y. This copies the text into the buffer. To paste the line to another place in the file, press the p key (for paste).

If you wanted to paste multiple copies of the line, you can use the multiplier. For example, to paste a line five times, use 5+p.

Removing multiple lines of text (after)

Removing multiple lines of text (after)

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